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Sustainable Singapore Gallery


​​Sustainable Singapore Gallery (SSG) is an information and sensory extravaganza showcasing Singapore’s efforts towards environmental sustainability.

The Sustainable Singapore Gallery is closed for renovation and will re-open in mid-2018. We regret for any inconvenience caused.

For further enquiries, please contact 6514 5959 (9am - 9pm daily).


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​​9am to 9pm (Closed on Tuesdays)

​​Sustainable Singapore Gallery

Gallery 1 showcases the environmental challenges of today. Central to this gallery is the “organic tree”. Illuminated by a play of three colours, it symbolises the uncertain state of our present environment. Keep an eye out for the feature wall made entirely from NEWater bottles. NEWater, is ultra-clean water that has been treated with advanced membrane technologies to a very high standard. It marks an achievement in Singapore’s green efforts. Its stringent purification and treatment processes helps to ensure we enjoy a sustainable water supply as the recycled water can be reused many times over.

​​Sustainable Singapore Gallery

Rewinding back a few decades, Gallery 2 recounts the clean up of the Singapore and Kallang Rivers. In the 1970s, both rivers were like open sewers, choked with rubbish and emitting an unbearable stench. Learn how Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, as Prime Minister of Singapore then, challenged a nation and brought about irrevocable change. Through the clean-up spanning ten years, witness Singapore’s development from independence towards a mature city practicing environmental awareness.

Sustainable Singapore Gallery

Gallery 3 features the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters programme, launched by PUB in 2007. See the programme in action, as waterways throughout Singapore are revamped and beautified. Discover how these rejuvenated waters bring communities together and forge a common need to cherish this precious liquid. Visitors even have the chance to create their own ideal waterways around their homes!

Sustainable Singapore Gallery

Come face to face with the innovative barrage model demonstrating how the Marina Barrage works. Gallery 4 details the intricate construction and operations of the dam. Watch what happens when rain falls and water builds up behind the barrage. See the pumps at work and learn all about the three-fold benefits of the dam.


​​Sustainable Singapore Gallery

An environmentally sustainable country requires thought and effort, as Gallery 5 proves. Get acquainted with Singapore’s careful planning and management of its limited land area to maximise its potential. The sustainable development story unfolds in five chapters featuring different Singapore locations - Central Business District, Punggol 21+, Semakau Landfill, Jurong Island and Central Catchment.

​​Sustainable Singapore Gallery​​
Gallery 6 displays an unwavering commitment from our 3P (People, Private and Public) sectors to care for the environment and water. Everyone has a stake in keeping the environment sustainable. Join in the commitment to making Singapore a better place to live in and take a picture of this momentous occasion! ​​​​​​​​