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Public Space Etiquette

​​Rental/Use of Public Space at Marina Barrage
Visitors can rent or use public space at Marina Barrage to organise activities or events. ​

For public space that is booked by organisations or individuals, the space is reserved exclusively for them to use only. For more information on the venues available for rental in Marina Barrage, please click here

For group organised activities, organisers are advised to write in to at least 14​​ working days before the activity date to check on the availability of public space at Marina Barrage. ​​
Recommended Etiquette of Using Public Space
​For ​​​public space that is not booked, the space will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Visitors are advised to share this open space with other members of the public. ​

To ensure public safety and enjoyment of all visitors, the following actions and/or activities at Marina Barrage are not allowed: ​

(A) Public Space

1) Setting up of structures including portable tables, chairs, cones, inflatable couches,​ tents, ​tying of banners etc. 

2) Using of portable sound devices/speakers which may affect other public visitors

3) Cordoning of any parts of Marina Barrage for private usage 

4) Causing obstruction to Marina Barrage operations and other public visitors

5) Organising competitive sporting activities and/or frisbee and ​ball games on the Green Roof

6) Tapping on to the electrical power supplies at Marina Barrage

(B) Drop-off Point

For chartered buses, please drop off passengers at the designated drop-off point, located at entrance of Marina Barrage, and not in the Marina Barrage car park. 

Keep the Barrage Clean

​Everyone can do their part to keep the Marina Barrage clean by ensuring all litters are disposed off-site after the activities.