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Saving Water with Chong Family

5 November 2018

Saving Water with Chong Family

Over the years, Singapore’s Litres per Capita per Day (LPCD) has improved. With everyone’s efforts, our daily water consumption has dropped to a low of 143 litres per person in 2017. Believing that there is room for Singaporeans to be more water-efficient, we have now set a new target of 130 litres by 2030.

The Chong family is one such household that proactively adopts water conservation habits at home. Led by Mrs Chong, the water heroine in the house, the family diligently practices the five water-saving habits such as taking shorter showers and washing dishes in a container. On top of these, Mrs Chong conscientiously reuses water from washing clothes and dishes for other household chores such as washing the toilet, mopping the floor and watering plants.

Household SaveWater  

Household SaveWater 

The mother of two even goes the extra mile by setting a target for her family to reduce their monthly household water usage.

Indeed, the Chong family’s efforts have seen remarkable results. Over a span of six months, the family has managed to reduce their average household water consumption from 133 litres to 82.5 litres per person per day. 

On her achievements, Mrs Chong feels there is nothing difficult about saving water, just a little effort on everyone’s part to be more conscious about how water is used. “There are lots of ways you can conserve water around the home. Water conservation stickers can even be placed in the bathroom and kitchen to remind everyone to save water. Everyone can make a difference by saving water, little by little, in your everyday lives,” added Mrs Chong.

On the new household water consumption target of 130 litres per person per day, Mrs Chong has this to share, “I believe the new target can be achieved as long as the community is committed to adopt water-saving habits in their daily lives. Together, we can do it!”

Household SaveWater  

By Jerome Goh