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GoBlue4SG Movement Off to a Great Start

12 March 2019

GoBlue4SG Movement Off to a Great Start

This March, communities and businesses have come together to support the water cause. Through initiatives such as retail promotions on blue or water-related merchandise, to buildings lighting up in blue on 22 March, and even simply wearing blue, Singaporeans and over 600 partners are doing their part to show their commitment towards using water wisely.

This grounds-up support, the GoBlue4SG movement, shows the collaborative effort that is required from all walks of the community to conserve and safeguard our precious water resource. It was off to a great start at the Singapore World Water Day Opening Ceremony on 2nd Mar.


Some of our community partners participated in the GoBlue4SG movement by turning up dressed in blue attire for the Walk for Water. Others came adorned with various blue accessories to show their support for the water conservation cause.



Students from Nanyang Polytechnic rallied on the crowd with their upbeat stage performance, all dressed in blue as well!


MAKE, an education centre that focuses on teaching children Math and Science through the making of useable prototypes, set up a booth where children aged between 7 and 12 years old taught participants how to make a DIY shower timer device by repurposing NEWater bottles. Besides showcasing ways to monitor water usage, the children also dressed up in blue to support the GoBlue4SG movement.


There are partners who show their support for the GoBlue4SG movement by spreading water conservation messages online. Blu, a home-grown retail logistics company, was one of them. They helped to raise awareness of the five water saving tips through their Social Media accounts.

Partners are introducing special deals to show their support for the GoBlue4SG movement. For example, from 18 to 24 March, Swensen’s are offering 15% off their range of Outrageous Sundaes to diners dressed in blue.



Everyone, no matter young or old, has a role to play in this water journey. We are looking forward to more partners and members of the public coming onboard to show their support for water conservation. Help the GoBlue4SG movement take on a life of its own by making a lifelong commitment to take ownership of protecting our water resources.

Together, we can Make Every Drop Count, and GoBlue4SG!

By Jaslynn Yeo

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