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Preparing for the Coming Monsoon

13 November 2017

Preparing for the Coming Monsoon

To prepare for the upcoming Northeast Monsoon season, PUB officers have been busy checking drainage systems at critical installations and construction sites. This is to ensure that the canals are free-flowing and can function smoothly to convey stormwater and reduce flood risks. 

How often are the checks?

Twice a month, PUB officers check on the 28 construction sites adjacent/close to major canals to ensure the canals are free from debris and construction materials. They also inspect another 100 major construction worksites island-wide ahead of the monsoon season. 

Preparing for Monsoon
PUB engineer Jeremy Tan checks works at a construction site to ensure that the diversion channel for the canal is built according to plan.

What should building owners do?

Public agencies, Town Councils and building owners play a key role in monsoon preparations. PUB sent out reminders to them to ensure that their pump drainage systems are well-maintained and the internal drains are debris-free. Building owners with flood barriers are also alerted to maintain flood barriers and ensure their proper operation. 

Door-to-door visits to residents and shop-owners living in low-lying areas and hotspots are an annual affair. Flood advisories are distributed to over 600 residents and business owners, offering tips on how to protect their belongings and premises in the event of flash floods. 

Preparing for Monsoon
PUB officers share the flood advisories with residents and business owners.

How does PUB do flood monitoring?

Officers at PUB’s 24/7 Operations Centre are on heightened alert for any storms. Through a network of about 200 CCTV cameras, they check road conditions in the low-lying areas and hotspots during heavy rain. 

The network of CCTV is supplemented by 208 water level sensors at major drains and canals to help PUB monitor the water levels during storms. 

Despite the efforts, flash floods may still occur especially when heavy rain coincides with high tides. This is when the Quick Response Team is activated to carry out on-site inspections and render assistance, where possible.