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Saving Water Starts from Young

13 November 2018

Saving Water Starts from Young

Saving water starts from young” — a message that Perlin, a mother of three, strongly believes in. 

“Having been through water rationing during my younger days, I can better relate to the need to conserve water and use water wisely,” said Perlin. She also highlighted the importance to educate our younger generations on the sources of Singapore’s water supply, so that they would better value water, our precious resource.  

Interestingly, one tip that Perlin uses to advocate water-saving among her family and friends is through ‘CRM’ — Conserving, Reusing, Monitoring.  “Firstly, conserving every drop of water by reusing water, for instance, leftover water from washing of rice and clothes can be used to water plants and wash toilets respectively. Next, monitoring the water consumption chart on your water bill and setting a target to motivate your family to reduce the average water consumption for the next month,” shared Perlin.   

PUB Household Water Saving PUB Household Water Saving PUB Household Water Saving

Ms Wee, Perlin’s eldest daughter, added that since young, her mother would often remind them to diligently practise water conservation, be it at home or in school. 

Noting that Singapore has reduced the daily household water consumption from 160 litres to 143 litres per person over the decade, she commented that, “as long as every Singaporean has a common goal in mind — to use water responsibly and save water conscientiously — Singapore can definitely achieve the new target of 130 litres within the next decade.” 

By Jerome Goh