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Singapore Kite Day 2018 @ Marina Barrage

21- 22 July 2018

Singapore Kite Day 2018 @ Marina Barrage

Singapore Kite Day is one of Marina Barrage's annual flagship event since 2010. Fliers from different countries would come together to showcase their beautiful gigantic kites and perform kite stunts. Magnificent kites display on site also provided an ideal backdrop for photo opportunity with the Singapore city skyline.

This year's event is extra special because we are celebrating Marina Barrage's 10th Anniversary. Here's to more fun times at the Marina Barrage!

Kite Day Marina Barrage 2018
"The Marina Barrage is a really nice and beautiful place to chill with your family. It is also a great place for kids to hang out!" - Angela

Kite Day Marina Barrage 2018
"Marina Barrage is a very nice place for picnics and kite flying activities. Besides that, it is also a great space for bonding and gatherings with friends and family over the weekend!" - EriciaKite Day Marina Barrage 2018
"Not only is Marina Barrage nice and peaceful, it has fantastic and great views. It is the perfect place for family gatherings." - Jason. Jason and his colleagues from Singapore Airlines volunteered to bring children from Hougang Sheng Hong Family Service Centre out to enjoy the Kite Day event.

Kite Day Marina Barrage 2018
"This is not my first time at the Marina Barrage, I come here quite often with my family as it is great for enjoying the scenery!" - Angie​

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