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Our Water Heroes - Mohd Rizdwan Yunos (Assistant Engineer)

24 May 2018
Our Water Heroes -​ Mohd Rizdwan Yunos (Assistant Engineer)

Our Water Heroes

“Interesting” – Catchment and Waterways (CW) officer Mohd Rizdwan Yunos proudly describes his job as “doing things that people don’t usually get to try”. This would include taking a boat out around the Serangoon reservoir every morning to do surveillance patrol and check for the raw water quality. Weekly samples are taken and data readings collected from the multimeter are sent to PUB’s Water Quality Office (WQO) for further analysis. Besides this, Ridzwan also frequently patrols the reservoir for illegal fishing activities or acts of vandalism.

Water Heroes

Anticipating unexpected queries from the public, especially at night, about oil spills or fishkills are all part of what he faces almost on a daily basis. However, Rizdwan enjoys attending to the public queries and feels a great sense of achievement when he is able to provide satisfactory replies to their questions. The dynamic work environment ensures that Rizdwan and his team are always alert and kept updated on latest findings so that they are able to give informed responses to the public queries. 

Water Heroes

Rizdwan shares that he takes great pride in his work because he plays a part in maintaining the water quality in the reservoir, hence ensuring a safe and continuous water supply for Singaporeans. “Being able to educate the public about the reservoir and what we do to maintain the cleanliness of the reservoir gives me great satisfaction and drives me to constantly do better.”

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