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Our Water Heroes #2 – Cheong Xin Ling

26 May 2018

Our Water Heroes #2 – Cheong Xin Ling
Our Water Heroes

“Challenging” –  As the Plant Manager, Water Supply Plant (WSP) officer Cheong Xin Ling oversees operations and maintenance of Bedok and Pulau Tekong Waterworks.  At the waterworks, the raw reservoir water is treated, filtered and disinfected to free the water of harmful bacteria, making it clear, sparkling and safe for consumption. Managing the waterworks is challenging yet interesting, and every single day is a learning process for her. Besides analysing water quality data and trends to ensure safe drinking water, Xin Ling also works closely with the maintenance team to ensure the process equipment are in good working condition. She also frequently conducts safety checks and supervises workers to ensure a safe working environment.

Our Water Heroes 

Xin Ling shared that her interest in the water industry was sparked in 2002 when NEWater was introduced as a safe and sustainable source of water for Singapore. As a chemical engineering graduate, she was interested to learn more about the NEWater treatment process and the chemistry behind it. 

Our Water Heroes

When asked what drives her to do better at work, Xin Ling reveals that she feels proud to be part of the team that works behind the scene to supply potable drinking water. Ensuring that Singaporeans can “drink water straight from the tap” is something which gives her team great satisfaction and pushes them to constantly strive to improve work processes.