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Our Water Heroes #3 – Wong Lei Lei

28 May 2018

Our Water Heroes #3 – Wong Lei Lei
Water Heroes

"Exciting" – Water Supply Network (WSN) officer Wong Lei Lei shared that she finds her work exciting because she encounters different challenges every day, which requires her to use varied skillsets to tackle these problems. 

Our Water Heroes

The distribution network is a key node in the water supply system, and ensuring that the network runs smoothly like clockwork to deliver a clean and continuous supply of water to the customers 24/7 is paramount for Lei Lei.  

Our Water Heroes

At the frontline of ensuring minimal water disruption to Singaporeans, a day's work includes prioritizing feedback on water quality, pressure, pipe leaks, and attending to those which require attention urgently. Her team also relies on smart sensors installed within the water supply network that monitor parameters such as water pressure, flow and quality to better understand the network's health. 

Lei Lei also studies ways to enhance the water supply network on a regular basis so that the network is more robust and maintenance can be carried out on the network with minimal disruption to the customers. 

Our Water Heroes

Lei Lei shares that her most memorable workdays are when "work stretches past wee hours", as a lot of work involving pipeline isolation is done at night to minimize disruptions, and the team works hard together to resolve water supply issues. Besides the day to day operational work, Lei Lei derives immense satisfaction when she is able to resolve issues for customers so that Singaporeans continue to enjoy a safe and continuous water supply straight from  their taps.