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Water Efficiency Awards 2017 Live Radio Interview

29 November 2017

Water Efficiency Awards 2017 Live Radio Interview

Water Efficiency Awards Radio Interview
From left: Mr Philip Chan (Asia Square’s Sustainability Manager), Ms Irene Toh (PUB Water Supply Network’s Principal Engineer) and Capital 958 FM DJ Pan Jia Biao. 

Following the Water Efficiency Awards (WEA) and Industrial Water Solutions Forum on 21 November, Ms Irene Toh (PUB) and Mr Philip Chan (Asia Square) shared the measures and initiatives on water efficiency with the audience of MediaCorp’s popular Chinese radio station Capital 95.8FM.  

Irene explained that WEA is a biennial award which recognizes the top water efficiency performers in the respective sectors. She described how the best performers are chosen based on Water Efficiency Index (WEI) by sector, or industrial plants with the highest recycling rates. She also added that PUB has complied a publication "Best Practice Guide for Water Efficiency - Buildings" and is seeking comments from the industry to further refine this document.

Asia Square Tower 2, a recipient of WEA, was represented by its Sustainability Manger Mr Philip Chan. He shared the importance of water efficiency to them and the types of water efficient fittings and appliances they have installed. In addition, he carries out checks upon receiving feedback on leakage or inefficiency in water fittings.