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Singapore shines blue to celebrate World Water Day341 shines blue to celebrate World Water Day16/3/2022 4:00:00 PMIssue DateOverview<div style="font-size:18px;text-align:center;"> <b>​​​​​​​​Singapore shines blue to celebrate World Water Day <div></div></b></div><div style="font-size:18px;text-align:center;"> <i>56 iconic landmarks and buildings #GoBlue4SG in support of PUB’s water cause</i>​<br><br></div><div style="font-size:18px;"> <b>Singapore, 17 Mar 2021 – </b>​To commemorate World Water Day<sup>1</sup>​, the city skyline will be painted blue from 19 to 22 March to signal Singapore’s steadfast commitment to water sustainability. National Water Agency PUB’s signature ‘City Turns Blue’ initiative will see a record 56 prominent landmarks an​d buildings illuminated in dazzling blue, including the Singapore Pavilion @ Expo 2020 Dubai on the global stage.<br><br>​<br></div><div style="display:inline-block;"><div style="float:left;width:50%;overflow:hidden;"> <img src="/sites/assets/PressReleaseAssets/SgPavilion117032022.jpg" alt="SgPavilion1" style="margin:15px;max-width:100%;max-height:100%;" />​</div><div style="float:left;width:50%;overflow:hidden;"> <img src="/sites/assets/PressReleaseAssets/SgPavilion217032022.jpg" alt="SgPavilion1" style="margin:15px;max-width:100%;max-height:100%;" />​</div></div><p style="text-align:center;">The Singapore Pavilion @ Expo 2020 Dubai awash in blue for World Water Day​</p><div style="float:left;width:3%;"> <span style="font-size:18px;line-height:30px;">2.</span> </div><div style="float:left;width:97%;"> <span style="font-size:18px;line-height:30px;">This year, sixteen new buildings – including Capitol Singapore, The Fullerton Hotel, SkyHelix and Marina Bay Financial Centre – have joined this meaningful initiative in addition to returning partners such as ION Orchard and the ArtScience Museum. Tertiary institutions are also onboard for the first time, comprising Singapore Management University, Singapore Institute of Technology, ITE​, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Temasek Polytechnic.​</span><br><br>​<br></div><div style="display:inline-block;"><div style="float:left;width:50%;overflow:hidden;"> <img src="/sites/assets/PressReleaseAssets/Orchardgateway17032022.jpg" alt="OrchardGateway" style="margin:20px;max-width:100%;max-height:100%;" />​<br></div><div style="float:left;width:50%;overflow:hidden;"> <img src="/sites/assets/PressReleaseAssets/ScienceCentre170320221.jpg" alt="ScienceCentre" style="margin:20px;max-width:100%;max-height:100%;" />​​</div>​</div><p style="text-align:center;">Buildings around Singapore lighti​ng up for '​City Turns Blue' in 2021</p>​​ ​<div style="float:left;width:3%;"> <span style="font-size:18px;line-height:30px;">3.</span> </div><div style="float:left;width:97%;"> <span style="font-size:18px;line-height:30px;">​Throughout the month of March, PUB’s #GoBlue4SG movement has rallied the local community and businesses to support the water cause in their own special ways. Canon Singapore is running a photo contest from 17 to 27 March for community photographers to capture stunning images of water based on the t​heme ‘Water is Life’. Well-known travel and nature photographer Jensen Chua<sup>2</sup>​, hosted an online webinar to teach participants the techniques of blue hour photography and announced a photography outing along our waterways on 26 March (open to public on a <a href="">registration</a> basis). Five lucky winners of the Canon x Singapore World Water Day Photo Contest will walk away with prizes worth $219 each (see Annex B for contest details).</span><br>​<br></div><div style="width:100%;overflow:hidden;"><div style="float:left;width:3%;"> <span style="font-size:18px;line-height:30px;">​4​.</span> </div><div style="float:left;width:97%;"> <span style="font-size:18px;line-height:30px;">A total of 460 partners are participating in this year’s Singapore World Water Day (SWWD) 2022 to help raise awareness of water conservation. More than 60 retailers are offering blue-themed promotions and deals this month, and over 130 schools and organisations will conduct various water-themed activities on Water Wednesdays. (see Annex C for details of our partner-driven initiatives. Photos and footages can be provided upon request).​</span><br><br></div></div><div style="width:100%;overflow:hidden;"><div style="float:left;width:3%;"> <span style="font-size:18px;line-height:30px;">5.</span> </div><div style="float:left;width:97%;"> <span style="font-size:18px;line-height:30px;">The public are encouraged to post photos of their favourite blue locations on social media with the hashtags #GoBlue4SG and #MakeEveryDropCount. For more information on #GoBlue4SG movement, please visit PUB’s <a href="">campaign website.</a>​</span></div>​<br><br>​<br><br>​<br></div><div style="text-align:center;"> <br>​***</div>​<br> <div> <a href="/Documents/ANNEX17032022.pdf">Annex A: Participating Buildings for 'City Turns Blue'</a><br><a href="/Documents/ANNEX17032022.pdf">Annex B: Photo collage of SWWD activities</a><br><a href="/Documents/ANNEX17032022.pdf">Annex C: Photo Collage of Singapore World Water Day Activities</a><br>​<br></div><div> <b>For media enquiries, please contact:<br><br></b></div><div align="center"><div style="float:left;width:50%;text-align:left;">Ms Nicole Chan<br>PUB 3P Network Dept<br>HP: 9748 8551<br>Email:</div><div style="float:left;width:50%;text-align:left;">Ms Lynn Hong<br>PUB 3P Network Dept<br>HP: 9764 0438<br>Email:​<br></div> <br> <br> </div> <br> <br>​<br>​ <div> <b>About PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency</b></div>​ <div> PUB is a statutory board under the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE). It is the national water agency, which manages Singapore’s water supply, water catchment, and used water in an integrated way. From April 2020, PUB also took on the responsibility of protecting Singapore’s coastline from sea-level rise as the national coastal protection agency. PUB has ensured a diversified and sustainable supply of water for Singapore with the Four National Taps (local catchment water, imported water, NEWater, desalinated water). PUB leads and coordinates whole-of-government efforts to protect Singapore from the threat of rising seas and the holistic management of inland and coastal flood risks. PUB calls on everyone to play a part in conserving water, in keeping our waterways clean, and in caring for Singapore’s precious water resources. If we all do our little bit, there will be enough water for all our needs – for commerce and industry, for living, for life.​​<br><br></div><div>Find out more about us:<br>Like us at <a href="/_layouts/15/Catalog.aspx?Url=https%3A%2F%2Fpubweb%2Dpvt%2Epub%2Egov%2Esg%2FPages%2Fwww%2Efacebook%2Ecom%2FPUBsg"></a><br>Follow us on <a href="/_layouts/15/Catalog.aspx?Url=https%3A%2F%2Fpubweb%2Dpvt%2Epub%2Egov%2Esg%2FPages%2Fwww%2Einstagram%2Ecom%2FPUBsingapore"></a> and <a href="/_layouts/15/Catalog.aspx?Url=https%3A%2F%2Fpubweb%2Dpvt%2Epub%2Egov%2Esg%2FPages%2Fwww%2Etwitter%2Ecom%2FPUBsingapore"></a><br>S​ubscribe to our channel at <a href="/_layouts/15/Catalog.aspx?Url=https%3A%2F%2Fpubweb%2Dpvt%2Epub%2Egov%2Esg%2FPages%2Fwww%2Eyoutube%2Ecom%2FsgPUB"></a><br>Visit our website at <a href="/_layouts/15/Catalog.aspx?Url=https%3A%2F%2Fpubweb%2Dpvt%2Epub%2Egov%2Esg%2FPages%2Fwww%2Epub%2Egov%2Esg"></a><br><br></div> <br> <hr /> <sup>1</sup> The United Nations has designated 22 March to be World Water Day to highlight the importance of freshwater and advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.​<br><br>​<sup>2</sup> Find out more about Jensen Chua from his Instagram page: <a href=""></a>​<br>