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Marina Barrage, first reservoir in the city, celebrates a decade in engineering excellence150 Barrage, first reservoir in the city, celebrates a decade in engineering excellence21/10/2018 4:00:00 PM-Year-long celebratory activities & educational tours -Weekend carnival bonanza as grand finaleIssue DatePress ReleaseAbout PUB, Singapore’s National Water AgencyFind out more about us<p>​​​​​​Topping off a decade of engineering excellence, <strong>Marina Barrage will host its biggest-ever carnival this weekend from 26 to 28 October 2018</strong>, with a gathering of more than 100 stalls featuring arts and crafts, upcycling activities, and live music perfo​rmances. Visitors can relish novel treats and drinks available for sale from the street food stalls while catching a movie on the iconic Green Roof. A specially-curated free boat cruise will bring the community closer to water as they learn more about Marina Barrage and the Marina Reservoir. <span style="line-height:normal;font-family:'helvetica neue', helvetica, arial, sans-serif;font-size:inherit;">​​​</span></p><p>This grand finale culminates a year-long celebration, which saw the venue hosting ten events and festivities commemorating Marina Barrage’s 10th anniversary. These include “Behind the Scene” exhibitions, tours for engineering students from five polytechnics, and flagship events such as Singapore Kite Day and RSAF50@Marina Barrage. ​​</p><p>Guest-of-Honour, Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Teo Chee Hean, will join in the festivities on Saturday, 27 October. More than 15,000 people are expected to turn up over the three-day celebrations. <em>(See <a href="">Annex​</a> for event highlights and programme)</em> </p>​​​​​ <p> <strong><em>A milestone in the Singapore Water Story</em> </strong></p><p>​​As a dam across the Marina Channel, Marina Barrage creates a freshwater reservoir in downtown Singapore. Its nine crest gates and seven drainage pumps are instrumental in alleviating floods in low-lying city areas in the past decade, while closely regulating water levels within the catchment so that the Marina Reservoir can continue to serve as a source of water supply for the population. </p><p style="text-decoration:underline;">Minimising Floods​​</p><p>Marina Barrage is part of a comprehensive flood-control scheme to alleviate flooding in low-lying areas in the city. During periods of heavy rain and low-tide, the steel crest gates are opened to release excess stormwater into the sea. When heavy rainfall coincides with high tide, the gates remain closed for excess water to be pumped into the sea to reduce the risk of flooding. </p><p style="line-height:30.24px;font-size:18px;text-decoration:underline;">Strengthening Water Supply </p><p style="line-height:30.24px;font-size:18px;">Marina Reservoir is Singapore’s 15th reservoir and the first reservoir in the city, serving as a collection point for five major rivers – Geylang River, Rochor River, Stamford Canal, Kallang River and the Singapore River. The Marina Barrage has nine hydraulic crest gates – each 29.75m long and 5m wide – to keep seawater out of the 10,000 ha Marina Reservoir catchment. </p><p> </p><p style="line-height:30.24px;font-size:18px;text-decoration:underline;">Recreation and Lifestyle Space</p><p style="line-height:30.24px;font-size:18px;margin-bottom:40px;">Over the years, the Green Roof at Marina Barrage has become a popular space for recreational activities like kite flying and picnics, while the Marina Reservoir is a popular venue for water sports such as kayaking and dragon boating. It is also a short walk to Gardens by the Bay and the Satay by the Bay. ​​</p><p> <strong>Since its official opening in October 2008 by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Marina Barrage has welcomed over 16 million visitors,</strong> including dignitaries like the President of the Republic of Hungary, János Áder; the Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen; Princess of Thailand, HRH Maha Chakri Sirindhorn; former Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon, and the Vice President of the People’s Republic of China, Wang Qishan. The Marina Barrage and the Marina Reservoir have also hosted more than 100 national and international events, including the SEA Games 2015, the Singapore River Regatta and the Army Half Marathon.​</p><p>“<strong>We celebrate a proud decade as the Marina Barrage plays an important role in flood control and water supply for Singapore. At the same time, it has evolved into an iconic lifestyle attraction and recreation space for both locals and visitors. While we enjoy and have fun at this carnival bonanza, let us not forget the genesis of the barrage and the greater mission it serves in showcasing urban water sustainability</strong>”, shared Mr Ng Joo Hee, Chief Executive, Singapore’s National Water Agency.​ </p> ​​​<p style="font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;text-align:justify;">​PUB is a statutory board under the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources. It is the national water agency, and manages Singapore’s water supply, water catchment and used water in an integrated way.</p><p style="font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;text-align:justify;">PUB has ensured a diversified and sustainable supply of water for Singapore with the Four National Taps (local catchment water, imported water, NEWater, desalinated water).</p><p style="font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;text-align:justify;">PUB calls on everyone to play a part in conserving water, in keeping our waterways clean, and in caring for Singapore’s precious water resources. If we all do our little bit, there will be enough water for all our needs – for commerce and industry, for living, for life.</p><p>​<span style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;">Like us at </span><a href="" style="color:#2196f3;font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;background-color:#ffffff;"></a><span style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;"> </span><br style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;"><span style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;">Follow us on </span><a href="" style="color:#2196f3;font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;background-color:#ffffff;"></a><span style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;"> and </span><a href="" style="color:#2196f3;font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;background-color:#ffffff;"></a><span style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;"> </span><br style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;"><span style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;">Subscribe to our channel at </span><a href="" style="color:#2196f3;font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;background-color:#ffffff;"></a><span style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;"> </span><br style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;"><span style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;">For our latest event photos, visit </span><a href="" style="color:#2196f3;font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;background-color:#ffffff;"></a><span style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;"> or </span><a href="" style="color:#2196f3;font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;background-color:#ffffff;"></a><span style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;"> </span><br style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;"><span style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;">Download our mobile apps: MyWaters fo</span><span style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;">r </span><a href="" style="color:#2196f3;font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;background-color:#ffffff;">iOS</a><span style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;">, </span><a href="" style="color:#2196f3;font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;background-color:#ffffff;">Android</a><span style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;"> or </span><a href="" style="color:#2196f3;font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;background-color:#ffffff;">Windows Phone</a><span style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;"> </span><br style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;"><span style="font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;">Visit our website at </span><a href="" style="color:#2196f3;font-family:roboto-regular-webfont;font-size:18px;line-height:30.24px;background-color:#ffffff;"></a>​</p>