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"Walk on water" with PURE at ABC Waters site @ Pang Sua Pond

Join TV darling Carrie Wong as she "walks on water" at the newly-transformed ABC Waters site @ Pang Sua Pond and shares how she reduces her carbon footprint.

Singapore Junior Water Prize 2017 has concluded – find out who the winners are and their ideas that wowed the judges!

Lazy but yet want to save the world? Pick up some tips on how to play your part for the environment by checking out the lazy person's guide to saving the Earth. Also, show your support for local eco-friendly businesses this National Day by checking out where to shop for planet-friendly products.

Plus! Explore the hydrotherapy hotspots and where you can soak in the healing waters of famous baths from around the world!

There's just so much for you to find out and get up close with water.​

Have a PURE good read. 

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