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Water Supply


As demand for water continues to increase in tandem with population and economic growth, we will need to plan and implement water infrastructure well ahead to secure an adequate and affordable supply of water for future generations.

Find out more about our water strategies and how clean waters can begin with you.

Clean Waters Begin With You

Singapore is a small island state that faces the challenge of making the most of urban stormwater harvesting. In the long run, we aim to increase our water catchment area from two-thirds to 90% of Singapore’s land area. Most of this will be made up of unprotected catchments which are land where development is allowed (e.g. residential, commercial and non-pollutive industries).

With more people living and working within water catchments, keeping our waterways and water resources clean will be a challenge. Used water (e.g. water from your washing activities) goes into the sewers and is channelled to water reclamation plants for treatment. It is important to discharge used water into the sewers so that our water supply source stays clean.

Here’s how you can play your part to keep our catchment and waters clean: