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Research and Development   



Towards our mission to ensure an efficient, adequate and sustainable supply of water, PUB lends its support to various water-related research and development in the region and globally.


The research and development culture in PUB is driven by the desire to increase water resources, keep costs competitive, and manage water quality and security. PUB co-operates closely with our local and international partners to conduct applied research and development.

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Technology Domains of Interests

PUB’s R&D work is centred on the water loop and focuses on 11 Technology domains of interests.

  • Biological Processes
  • Water Distribution
  • Watershed Management
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Desalination and Water Reuse
  • Sludge and Brine Management (EWW Nexus)
  • Chemical Redox Technologies
  • Automation / Robotics
  • Groundwater / Underground Caverns
  • Decentralized Water Treatment Technologies
  • Industrial Water Technologies