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The Jurong Island Industrial Water Solutions Forum and Industrial Water Solutions Seminar Series, organised by PUB, have bridged the gap between industrial water users and solution providers. These platforms have built networks that encourages business and knowledge sharing.

Who Were Our Participants?

Our participants included water users, solution and technology providers, utilities as well as Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) and consultants.

Past Events

1.  S
eminar on Water System Optimisation and Pinch Analysis

Date: 21 Oct 2016
Organisers: PUB

Supported by: Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC)

Pinch Technology has been widely adopted by various industrial processes to achieve financial savings by maximizing process-to-process resource recovery and minimizing the external utility consumption. Industry speakers from Ramboll, Witteveen + Bos, NALCO Water and Kurita shared successful case studies and customised solutions for industrial end users to achieve better water efficiency. The seminar was well attended by approximately 140 participants from petrochemical, pharmaceutical. electronics, and food and beverage sectors. 

2. SIWW Industrial Water Solutions Forum 2016

Date: 13 Jul 20
Organisers: Singapore International Water Week Pte Ltd (MEWR, PUB)

Major industries such as food and beverage, petrochemicals, power generation and electronics manufacturing all face water-related challenges. Whether it is scarce water resources, tightening of water quality and discharge standards, or sustainability reporting, such challenges also bring with them opportunities. Valued at US$52.8 billion by the Global Water Intelligence, the industrial water solutions market is one of the fastest growing segments in the global water industry, with companies seeking viable solutions for environmentally sustainable business operations. This one-day Forum on 13 July 2016 drew high-level, cross-sector speakers to discuss the role of water as part of the wider sustainability agenda, and share best practices in innovative water management, and partnership models to address these unique industrial demands.


  • Jurong Island Industrial Water Solutions Forum 2015

    Date: 18 Sep 2015
    Organisers: PUB, JTC and EDB

    The 2nd Jurong Island Industrial Water Solutions Forum showcases both local and overseas case studies on feasible water solutions. Attendees included Jurong Island companies, water technology and solutions providers, semiconductor industry, relevant government agencies and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs). Companies like Singapore Refining Company (SRC), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Asia Pacific (MHI-AP), Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore (PCS), VA Tech Wabag and Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Co. (SSMC) also shared their unique experience in water recycling, efficient water operations and seawater cooling technologies.


  • Seminar on Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Technologies

    Date: 10 Apr 2015
    Organisers: PUB, Singapore Water Association (SWA)
    Supported by: Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC)

    Evoqua Water Technologies, Meiden Singapore, Sembcorp Industries, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (SEA) and Kubota Corporation shared their expertise on membrane and non-membrane technologies for industrial wastewater treatment and recycling applications.


  • Jurong Island Industrial Water Solutions Forum 2014

    Date: 9 Jan 2014
    Organisers: PUB, JTC and EDB

    The first Jurong Island Industrial Water Solutions Forum was a platform for the petrochemical and refinery cluster and water industry on Jurong Island. Businesses explored different innovative water solutions for industrial applications. This forum also highlighted case studies and incentive schemes as well as and facilitated broker discussion on business opportunities and latest water technologies.
  • SIWW Industrial Water Solutions Forum 2014

    Date: 2 - 4 Jun 2014
    Organisers: Singapore International Water Week Pte Ltd (MEWR, PUB)

    To address the water sustainability for industrial sector, the Industrial Water Solutions Forum at SIWW was held to promote the sharing of business knowledge and forging of partnership.

    Topics covered:
    1) Investment Opportunities and Challenges Related to Water and;
    2) Water Interdependencies and Opportunities for Industrial Sectors (Chemicals & Refining, Pharmaceutical, Electronics and Mining).
  • Seminar on Low Temperature Thermal Desalination (LTTD)

    Date: 24 Oct 2014
    Organisers: PUB
    Supported by: Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC)

    Recent developments and refinements in this field have created products that harness LTTD technology to produce high grade process water from seawater using waste heat. This workshop allowed industrial end-users to engage with leading commercial LTTD solution providers and learn more about current state of the art during product seminars.