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Frequently Asked Questions


For general and operational needs, PUB has published the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for easy reference.

To see the list of various categories and most popular FAQs (i.e. water supply, used water, qualified persons, careers, etc.), please click here.​

Drainage Planning

PUB takes several factors such as the degree or type of development, catchment area, cost effectiveness, competing land use and rainfall intensity into consideration when designing drains and canals.

  • Download FAQs on Drainage Planning in Singapore [PDF].
Flash Floods

PUB takes every flash flood incident seriously and assesses the cause of any flash flood. Where necessary, PUB works with other agencies to improve the drainage system or raise road levels to reduce the risk of flash floods recurring. PUB also engages building owners on appropriate flood protection measures to protect their developments.

  • Download FAQs on Flash Floods in Singapore [PDF].
Used Water

Download FAQs for more information on Used Water [PDF].


Members of the public are advised to keep reservoirs litter-free. For more information on guidelines of vessel, water activities, fishing, please refer to this list [PDF]. 

Marina Barrage

Download FAQs for the following information on Marina Barrage [PDF].

A) General Information
B) Rental of event space and function rooms
C) Guided tours
D) Activities

Vessel Permits (Marina Barrage)

Under the Public Utilities (Reservoirs and Catchment Areas) Regulations 2006, vessels entering Marina Reservoir and other reservoirs in Singapore must obtain Vessel Permits.

Passenger vessels carrying up to 12 people must be inspected and certified fit for the intended purpose by a marine surveyor approved by the Board before the permit can be issued.

Before entering Marina Reservoir, vessels must fulfil certain requirements and obtain a permit from PUB:

For online application and renewal of Vessel Permit for entering reservoirs, please click here.

For enquiries on Vessel Permit application, kindly contact Amelia Syamin ( or Ryan Tey (

Save Water
Water Closet Replacement Project

PUB has launched a project in the older HDB flats to help households who are currently placed on community assistance schemes replace their existing 9 litres water closets with more water efficient ones. This replacement will be done for free, and is aimed at helping families to save water. 

PUB will also replace existing non-water efficient basin taps/mixers and kitchen taps/mixers at the same time. 

  • Download FAQs on Water Closet Replacement Project [PDF].
Smart Shower Programme

PUB will be installing smart shower devices for some 10,000 new homes under a demonstration project over the next few years to further study and validate the conservation effect of such devices. These devices provide real-time information on water consumption during showers. An earlier small scale study found that a person could save up to 5 L a day or about 3% of their monthly water bill, from the use of such devices.

For more information on this programme, please contact or click here [PDF].