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Check out the revamped Sustainable Singapore Gallery with Singer-Songwriter Nathan Hartono!

Singer-Songwriter Nathan Hartono gets a peak of the recently-revamped Sustainable Singapore Gallery and shares how he conserves water. With six cool interactive zones, the gallery is set to inspire visitors to make sustainable choices in their lifestyles. ​

​In this issue, we pay tribute to our unsung water heroes, an important team of officers who get clean and safe drinking water to our taps 24/7. Also, find out what it takes to turn raw water into drinking water that is well within the World Health Organization’s Guidelines for drinking-water quality

Read how this year’s Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize laureate is saving millions of lives in countries such as Bangladesh through her discovery, while this year’s Watermark Award winner Qifa Primary School continues to spread the water conservation message through education and a slew of water-saving measures.

The waterscape at our local reservoirs may be up for a change soon as PUB explores floating solar photovoltaic systems at Bedok and Lower Seletar reservoirs, which will help to generate clean energy and reduce carbon footprint. 

Finally, learn how weather-resilient water sources such as desalination is set to meet up to 30 per cent of Singapore’s future water needs by 2060. ​

There’s just so much for you to find out and get up close with water.​​

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