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Do you know how much water you use for different activities at home? Below is a pie chart showing the percentage breakdown of water use for each activity in a typical household.

Water Usage Pie Chart

Smart Shower Programme

Starting from 2018, PUB will be deploying smart shower devices over the next 2 years in new homes under a demonstration project with the Housing Development Board (HDB).

Watch video to find out more about PUB’s Smart Shower Programme initiative.

Smart Shower Programme

Water Closet Replacement Project

PUB has launched a project in the older HDB flats to help households who are currently placed on community assistance schemes replace their existing 9 litres water closets with more water efficient ones. This replacement will be done for free, and is aimed at helping families to save water. 

PUB will also replace existing non-water efficient basin taps/mixers and kitchen taps/mixers at the same time. 

Water Closet Replacement Project

Water Saving Habits

To help the public translate knowledge to practice, PUB has rebranded its water-saving tips under the mnemonic W-A-T-E-R.

  • WASH clothes on full load
  • ALWAYS use half-flush when possible
  • TURN off shower when soaping
  • ENSURE tap is off when brushing teeth
  • RINSE vegetables in container

Water Saving Habits


For You and Your Domestic Helper
You can also share water saving habits with your domestic helper. Together, you can reduce your total water consumption and cut down on your water bill.

Find out how your domestic helper can help save water at home. Handbook is available in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Handbook for Domestic Helpers

For guide on energy efficiency, please click here.

Water Saving Kit

If you don’t have a water efficient tap at home, you can ask for a free water saving kit from PUB to help you reduce as much as 5% of your monthly water consumption. 

PUB’s revamped water saving kit features its popular mascot Water Wally on its packaging. A set of thimbles with three and four holes allows residents to have greater flexibility in regulating their tap’s and showerhead’s flow rates. Find out more details here.

  • Name
  • Residential Address
  • Mobile Number
  • No. of water saving kit
  • Reason for Request
Water Saving Kit 

Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme

The Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme is a grading system denoting the water efficiency of a product. With WELS, consumers can make informed choices when making purchases.

Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme