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Water Saving Habits


Start making a difference today by adopting the 7 Good Water Saving Habits at home [PDF].

1. Monitor your water bills
If your water consumption is above the household average, do review your family’s water usage     habits.

2. Take shorter showers
Remember to keep shower under 5 minutes and turn off the tap while soaping.

3. Wash in a filled sink
Wash vegetables or dishes in a filled sink/container and not under a running tap.

4. Wash on a full load
Run the washing machine only on a full load.

5. Reuse rinse water
Reuse rinse water from the washing machine for flushing toilets or mopping floors.

6. Repair leaks promptly
Prevent water wastage by repairing leaks or dripping taps promptly.

7. Choose to use reduced flush

When flushing toilet, choose reduced flush for liquid waste.

For You and Your Domestic Helper

Together with your domestic helper, you can take some simple steps to reduce your total water consumption and hence, reduce your water bill. You can share some water saving tips with your helper with this useful handbook:

The Water Saving Handbook

You can also request for a water saving kit here.

Conduct a Home Water Audit

Take five simple steps to audit and reduce your water usage:

Step 1: Take meter reading and calculate water usage before the start of an audit
Step 2: Check for leaks within your premises
Step 3: Install thimbles if you are not using water efficient taps
Step 4: Adopt water saving habits listed above.
Step 5: Re-take meter reading and calculate water savings after implementation

How to Check for Leaks 
Steps to conduct home water audit

​For more details, please download the Water Audit Information Deck [PDF].


We have developed a fun and educational game app that is available on iPhone and iPad. You can learn more about water saving habits, and learn to look out for water leakages in public areas.

Visit iTunes store today to download and play our "Save My Water” app. 

Save My Water App