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In line with the national initiatives and strategies to use water wisely, companies are encouraged to adopt the Reduce, Replace and Reuse approach. PUB offers cost-effective solutions to help them lower water consumption and operating costs.


1. Reduce
Owners and managing agents of commercial buildings/industrial premises are encouraged to run their facilities efficiently. They can do so by monitoring, reviewing and reducing their water consumption. Besides adopting efficient flow rates/flush volumes, they can use water efficient products and repair leaks promptly.

From January 2015, it is mandatory for large water users with water consumption of at least 60,000 cubic metres in the preceding year to submit an annual Water Efficiency Management Plans (WEMPs) to PUB. 

2. Replace
Owners of building/industrial premises are recommended to choose NEWater, seawater and/or rainwater, instead of potable water, for non-potable use including irrigation, general washing and cooling tower, when applicable.

3. Reuse
Potable water that is clean enough after one-time use, can be re-used for non-potable use like manufacturing processes, cooling towers, scrubbers, toilets flushing, etc.