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Water Efficient Building Certification Programme

Certification Programme

Since 2004, businesses, industries, schools and buildings from the non-domestic sector have been encouraged to include water efficient measures in their premises and processes, and to earn their WEB Basic, Silver or Gold Certification. By installing water efficient fittings and adopting the WEB recommended flow rates/flush volumes, they can save about five per cent of their monthly water consumption.

Water Efficient Flow Rates

Area of UsageWater Efficient Flow Rate / Flush Volume
Basin tap and mixer2 litres/min (Public / Staff toilets)
4 litres/min (Other areas)
Sink / kitchen tap and mixer6 litres/min
Shower tap & mixer and showerhead7 litres/min
Bib tap and mixer6 litres/min
Urinal0.5, 1 and 1.5 litres of water per flush for small, medium and large size urinals respectively

The WEB Certification (Gold/Silver) recognises water users who adopt the water efficiency management system and are exemplary performers in water efficiency.

Note: The validity period of WEB Certification (Gold/Silver) is 3 years.

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Setting your sights on Water Efficient Building Certification

For more information on WEB Certification, download the Application Process, Criteria and Funding.

In 2015, there were 6 recipients of the WEB Gold Certification and 10 recipients of the WEB Silver Certification.

Gold and Silver Recipients 2015 [PDF]
Gold and Silver Recipients 2014 [PDF]
Gold and Silver Recipients 2013 [PDF]