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Efficiency Measures


In 2004, PUB launched the Water Efficient Building (WEB) Certification programme to encourage companies to play a bigger role in reducing water consumption. Under this scheme, there are targets for users to lower their water consumption through benchmarking across the industry and sharing of best practices.

Download Water Efficient Building Design Guide Book for recommendations on designing of water efficient use in building developments.

WEB Design Guide Book
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Water Efficiency Fund

In 2007, PUB launched the Water Efficiency Fund (WEF) to encourage organisations to seek out efficient ways to manage their water demands. It would co-fund projects that would yield at least a 10% reduction in water consumption within organisations. Companies organising community-wide campaigns would also be eligible for WEF Funding.

Eligibility and Application

To find out the types of projects eligible for WEF funding, download the Eligibility Criteria and Application Form.

Applicants are encouraged to discuss the proposed projects with PUB prior to submitting an application.

The WEF Administrator
Water Supply Network Department
PUB, Environment Building
40 Scotts Road #15-01
Singapore 228231
Contact: 6330 4107 / 6731 3687