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Water Efficiency Management Plan


The requirements of Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP), under Part IVA of the Public Utilities (Water Supply) Regulations, came into effect from January 2015. Since then, it is mandatory for large water users with water consumption of at least 60,000 m3 in the previous year to:

1. Submit a notification to PUB by 31 March for their different sites meeting this water consumption threshold.
2. Install private water meters at various water usage areas within their premises by 30 June to track and monitor water usage.
3. Submit their annual WEMP to PUB by 30 June for at least three consecutive years.

The Water Efficiency Management Plan allows customers to:

  • 1. Methodologically understand the breakdown of water usage in their premises and develop a
    Water Balance Chart [PDF]
  • 2. Identify areas to further reduce consumption and raise efficiency
  • 3. Establish an action plan which identifies measures in water savings, priorities and implementation timelines

Get Funding

Organisations who need to comply with WEMP can tap on PUB's Water Efficiency Fund to implement water saving measures if they can meet the funding's criteria. Those who wish to develop their WEMP voluntarily can refer to this fund to finance installation of water meters.            

Simple Guide on Water Efficiency Management Plan [PDF]