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PUB x 500 Global Commercialisation Programme


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Together with 500 Global, PUB conducted an 8-week pilot commercialisation programme for six water start-ups to enhance their business knowledge.

The six start-ups were: Mem+, Aerolion, Aquaporin Asia, Blue Ocean Memtech, Century Water, and NM3 Tech. The programme, funded by NRF, started in late Mar 2021 and concluded with a Demo day on 1st Jul 2021 at SIWW2021 Online.

PUB also collaborated with 500 Startups to organise a series of six masterclasses designed to help the water start-ups and SMEs accelerate their growth with content relevant to existing start-ups, SME owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. The last of the six masterclasses was held on 24 Sep and covered the topic storytelling. The number of participants ranged between 20 to 40 for each class.​​


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