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About the Smart Water Meter Programme


PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, is rolling out the first phase of Smart Water Meter Programme in Singapore. This will see the installation of 300,000 smart water meters in new and existing residential, commercial and industrial premises by 2023. ​​


The large-scale deployment of smart water meters is part of PUB’s major move towards a smart utility of the future in support of Singapore’s Smart Nation effort. By leveraging digital technologies, PUB aims to encourage behavioural change towards water conservation, optimise water demand management, and achieve greater operational efficiencies. ​​​

The first smart water meters will be installed by early 2022. PUB will review the rollout, build up its capabilities and expertise, and take into account advances in technology before implementing smart water meters ​for the rest of Singapore.


Pilot Trials

Punggol and Yuhua Trials

Two successful pilot trials were conducted in Punggol and Yuhua in 2016 and 2018 respectively. A total of 800 households reported an average of 5% in water savings with early leak detection and adoption of water saving habits.

As part of the trial, households were given an AMI-enabled water meter that registers and transmits water usage readings wirelessly and accurately to PUB.

There was also a mobile application for trial participants to download in order to access data on their water consumption on a daily basis. They found the daily usage trend the most practical feature in the mobile application as they can monitor their water usage and make water savings adjustments accordingly.