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Benefits of Smart Water Meter Programme



Key Benefits

Imagine being able to know how much water you use at home at the touch of a button on your mobile phone, and be alerted to any leaks or unusual spikes in water use while you’re on the go. With smart water meters, water consumption will be read automatically several times a day, and transmitted accurately and remotely back to PUB on a daily basis. This also helps PUB to optimise water demand management and take a data-driven approach towards planning for future water needs.

Paired with a customer portal, users can view and track their daily water consumption, empowering them to be smarter users of water, saving water and money in the process.

Through the portal, customers can also receive alerts about suspected leaks and high water usage. This will allow them to take prompt action to fix the leaks and reduce water wastage.​


Watch this video to find out what people think about smart water meters! ​