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Domestic used water comprises mainly sewage and sullage water. These are generated from households and commercial premises such as hotels, restaurants, and shops through activities such as cooking, washing, etc.

Industrial used water refers to the trade effluent generated by factories from manufacturing processes, etc. For certain industries, they have to pre-treat their trade effluent to remove any chemical or undesirable pollutants, in accordance with the regulations, before they discharge their used water to public sewers. 

As for industrial water, it is supplied only to industries on Jurong Island.

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Sewer Rehabilitation

Used water from households, industries and commercial premises island-wide is collected and conveyed via an extensive sewerage reticulation system to water reclamation plants (WRPs) for treatment.

These sewers may be damaged as result of wear and tear, ground movement and tree root intrusion overtime. When this happens, used water may leak from the sewers and pollute waterways, canals and reservoirs. Although reservoir water has to go through a stringent treatment before it is sent to customers in tap water pipes, pollution in waterways and reservoirs poses aesthetic and recreational concerns.

PUB ensures the structural integrity of the sewer network with systematic checks and repairs on public and private sewers across the island.

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Sewer Rehabilitation

Deep Tunnel Sewerage System

The Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS) is an efficient and cost-effective solution to meet Singapore's long-term needs for used water collection, treatment and disposal. For more information on DTSS, please click here.

Download Simple Guide on Used Water, Sewerage System and Related Applications [PDF]​. ​