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Four National Taps


Four National Taps 

Singapore has built a robust, diversified and sustainable water supply from four water sources known as the Four National Taps – Water from Local Catchment , Imported Water, Reclaimed water (known as NEWater) and Desalinated Water.  In integrating the water system and maximising the efficiency of each of the four taps, Singapore has overcome its lack of natural water resources to meet the needs of a growing nation.

Our Water, Our Future

Our Water, Our Future is a publication that sets out the water strategies and plans PUB will be undertaking in the next 50 years to expand our capacities on water supply, used water management and drainage against the challenges of urbanisation, climate change and rising cost of energy. It also reinforces the need for continual investment in R&D on water technology to seek more cost-effective ways of treating, recycling and supplying water. Most of all, this publication is about how everyone in Singapore has a stake in water – as a necessary resource, an economic asset and an environmental treasure.
Our Water, Our Future was released in 2016. Click on the publication cover below to view the full document [PDF]. 

Our Water, Our Future Publication

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Singapore Water Demand Pipeline Chart