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Managing water loss is a part of PUB’s overall Water Demand Management strategy. Over the years, we have lowered the rate of Unaccounted-for-Water (UFW) to about 5%. In many countries, their UFW can range between 10 and 30%.

What is Unaccounted-for-water? What caused it?

UFW refers to water lost in the network of pipelines between the drinking water treatment plants and the consumers. This water lost could be due to leakage or other reasons but often it is the lack of maintenance which causes the network to deteriorate over time.

In Singapore, we adhere to a comprehensive maintenance regime for all built facilities and infrastructure. We plan our system carefully and implement accurate metering at drinking water plants. We fix and replace pipelines on a regular basis. 

What have we done?
  • Ensure accurate metering at our customer's premises
  • Encourage the public to report water leakage in public premises
  • Put in place strict measures to prevent water sealing
  • Plan our system carefully and implement accurate metering and drinking water plants

For more information, download our guidebook on Managing Unaccounted-For-Water [PDF].