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NEWater Quality

NEWater Quality

NEWater is high-grade reclaimed water produced from treated used water that is further purified using advanced membrane technologies and ultra-violet disinfection, making it ultra-clean and safe to drink.

Test results from the two-year comprehensive physical, chemical and microbiological study showed that the quality of NEWater consistently exceeds the requirements stipulated in the USEPA and WHO guidelines. In fact, NEWater is cleaner than PUB water. Here's why.

Note: PUB Water/Tap Water is well within the World Health Organisation (WHO) drinking water guidelines, and is suitable for drinking without further filtration.

NEWater is cleaner than PUB Water/Tap Water (Colour)

NEWater Quality Colour Comparison
NUS Laboratory has been conducting very comprehensive analyses of NEWater. These analyses are supervised by a panel of local and international experts. So far 20,000 analyses over the last two years have established that NEWater is cleaner than PUB water. Physically, NEWater is very clear and sparkling. The river sources and reservoir water have more colour as they contain more minerals and organic substances.

NEWater is cleaner than PUB Water/Tap Water (Clarity)

NEWater Quality Suspended Particle
The river sources and reservoir water also contain more suspended particles. These particles are washed into rivers and reservoirs by rainfall running off the ground. NEWater on the other hand is clearer, even clearer than PUB water.

NEWater is cleaner than PUB Water (Organic Substances)

NEWater Quality Organic Substance Comparison
The organic substance of NEWater is less than one-tenth of PUB water. That is precisely why industry users find NEWater to be attractive. In the past, the wafer fabrication plants in Singapore were taking PUB water and processing it to reduce the organic substance to a level that is acceptable for their operations. Today, the wafer fabrication plants are using NEWater as it is cleaner than PUB water and more suitable for their operations.      

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