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About Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme


Started in 2009, the Mandatory Water Efficiency Labelling (Mandatory WELS) is a grading system with 0/1/2/3 tick rating denoting the water efficiency level of a product.  This a follow-up scheme from the Voluntary Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (Voluntary WELS), introduced in 2006.

Currently, Mandatory WELS covers taps and mixers, dual-flush low capacity flushing cisterns (LCFCs), urinal flush valves and waterless urinals (2/3 tick rating) and clothes washing machines intented for household use (2/3/4-tick rating). It is mandatory for suppliers and retailers to obtain the relevant water efficiency labels for their products before advertising and displaying them for sale in Singapore. All products must publicly showcase their water efficiency label ​at all time.  With Mandatory WELS, consumers can make informed choices when making purchases.

From 1 Jan 2022, MWELS shall be extended to include WC flush valves with a flush volume of not more than 4.0 litres per flush, and only WC flush valves of 2-ticks ratings or more shall be allowed for supply. The water efficiency requirements and ratings as shown in Table 2.

From 1 Jan 2022, only commercial washer extractors, commercial dishwashers and high pressure washers which are registered under the Mandatory Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (MWELS) and fulfil the mandatory water efficiency requirements shall be allowed for supply in Singapore

From 1 October 2018, the Mandatory WELS will extend its product range covering dishwashers for household use.​

To find out more about the Water Efficiency Ratings and Requirements for products, please click here​.