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With effect from 1 April 2018, Certification Bodies accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) under CT19-SAC Criteria for Certification Bodies (Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme) will be processing the application and issuing of Mandatory and Voluntary WELS labels. ​

All suppliers including importers, parallel importers, retailers, manufacturers or distributors can apply for WELS labelling through SAC-accredited Certification Bodies for all product categories.  It is mandatory for products to be indicated with their efficiency level before being offered, advertised or displayed for sale in Singapore. 

To learn more about the water ratings, click here.

How to Apply

How to get a product labelled under WELS​ 

​1. Suppliers include the following categories: 
a. Importers;
b. Parallel importers;
c. Retailers;
d. Manufacturers;
e. Wholesalers;
f. Sole agents;
g. Distributors, etc.

who send their products to accredited test laboratory* or Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) partners to test products’ efficiency level. 

For more information on testing, please contact the following test laboratories:
i. TUV SUD PSB Pte Ltd
ii. Setsco Services Pte Ltd
iii. Singapore Laboratory Services Pte Ltd​ ​
iv. Singapore Test Lab Pte Ltd​
*Note: Accredited test laboratories here refer to test laboratories accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) or its Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) partners. Please refer to SAC’s website for more details on the local accredited test laboratories and SAC’s MRA partners.   ​

2. With the completed test reports, suppliers are to submit their application to an Accredited Certification Bodies** (CBs) for product certification.  The Accredited CB shall then process the application, setting out the following:​

a) Compliance to PUB’s requirements.
b) Water efficiency rating and water consumption/flow rate/flushing capacity reflected on the WELS label.
c) Conditions, if any, for the certified product.​

Suppliers may approach the following accredited CBs for WELS:
i. Intertek Testing Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd
ii.     TUV SUD PSB Pte Ltd
iii.    SGS Test​ing & Control Services Singapore Pte Ltd​
iv.    Setsco Services Pte Ltd​
v. Singapore Laboratory Services Pte Ltd
vi. UL International-Singapore Pte Ltd
vii. Centre Testing International Pte Ltd
viii. Singapore Test Lab Pte Ltd​
ix. Nutek Systems (SG) Pte. Ltd​

 **N​ote: Accredited Certification Bodies (CB) here refer to Certification Bodies accredited by SAC under CT19 – SAC’s Criteria for Certification Bodies (Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme).​ Please refer to SAC's website​ for details of the products that can be certified by these accredited CBs.

3. With the Certificate of Conformity (including the information and documents in the WELS Guidebook), the Accredited CB, acting as an appointed applicant, shall then submit the material to PUB via its online application system.​

4. PUB will update the appointed applicant on the application status.  

5. If the registration is successful,
a. PUB will send the label to the Accredited CB within 7 working days.
b. Accredited CB shall then issue the label to their supplier within 7 working days.
c. Product will then be registered under WELS and published in WELS website.

6. Suppliers shall print the labels in accordance with PUB’s specifications and affix them onto the products or on their packaging for display.​

For more information about the application procedures, please do​w​n​​load​​ the Guidebook on Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme ​[PDF].  

To find out more about the water efficiency ratings and requirements for products, please click here [PDF].

Application for certification requires the products to comply with the test standards and requirements stipulated by PUB. Applicants may apply online after the products are tested. The application process normally takes about 4 to 5 weeks and the applicant will be notified of the result. 

Application Procedure

  1. ​​​​​​​Samples of the product tested shall comply with the test standards and requirements stipu​lated by PUB. Testing shall be carried out by a testing laboratory accredited by theSingapore Accreditation Council (SA​​​C)​ or its Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) partners​ to meet the minimum performance and water efficiency requirements stipulated by PUB.
  2. An application for registration (including the information and documents mentioned in the Guidebook) can be submitted online via our online application system.
  3. PUB will process the application to ensure that the minimum performance, water efficiency and other requirements are met.
  4. PUB shall notify the applicant, via email, setting out the following:
    1. Whether the application for registration complies with the relevant standard and requirements.
    2. The water efficiency rating (if any) given to the product.
    3. The conditions, if any, under which the product may participate in the Water Effciency Labelling Scheme.
    4. Information, including specifications, for printing of the WELS label.
  5. When the application is successful, the applicant shall print the WELS labels in accordance with the specifications given by PUB and affix them on the products or on their packaging and on the products on display.​

Detailed information on application procedures can be found in the Guidebook On Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme [PDF].​