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To enhance our water sustainability and meet growing water demand, PUB embarks on a variety of development projects each year. Environmental consideration is an important part of our planning and evaluation process, especially for infrastructure projects which are located within biodiversity areas.

PUB carries out detailed environmental studies on developmental projects where necessary, in accordance with the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Enhanced Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) framework, to determine and mitigate any potential impact on the environment. We keep our stakeholders in mind throughout the planning and project implementation process. Hence we also engage nature groups and community stakeholders throughout the entire Environmental Studies process.

Details of the various projects being developed by PUB are listed in the table below. Our environmental study reports are available for reference, and you may also provide feedback for each ongoing project, where available.


Name of Project Executive Summary Project Status Documents for Download Feedback
Development of Changi NEWater Factory 3 (CNF3) Summary.pdf Available for public feedback from 18 Oct 2023 to 14 Nov 2023 E-gazette The environmental study report is available for public feedback by appointment from 18 Oct 2023 to 14 Nov 2023. PUB will consider all relevant public feedback before seeking final approval from the Government. Please contact Mr Tay Yu Xiang / Ms Li Yingnan at / to arrange for a viewing or to provide feedback.
Proposed Reconstruction of Choa Chu Kang Waterworks Non-technical Summary (2.4MB) Feedback exercise completed on 1 August 2022 EIA Report (11.7MB)
Appendices (19.2MB)
E-gazette (71KB)
PUB has carefully considered all feedback received. Please read our responses and enhanced mitigation measures.
Proposed Twin 1800mm Diameter Potable Water Pipeline along Island Club Road, from Bukit Kalang Service Reservoir (BKSR) to Upper Thomson Road Executive Summary (770 KB) Feedback exercise completed on 27 October 2021 EIA Report (36 MB)
FAQs (220 KB)
E-gazette (90 KB)
Proposed 1600/1200mm Diameter Outlet Potable Water Pipelines from Nanyang Service Reservoir (NYSR) to Pan Island Expressway (PIE) Executive Summary (770 KB) Feedback exercise completed on 27 October 2021 EIS Report (28 MB)
FAQs(166 KB)
E-gazette(110 KB)